"I'll see it when I believe it".

About me

– I l a r i a  M a r r o c c o –

Designer: Floral | Set | Interior

“Look deeply into Nature, and you will understand everything better”.

Since 2017 I have been working on my own as a floral designer, in particular on setting up for events, set design for shooting, visual merchandising for shops and clubs, interior styling, pop up projects and installations.

My e-commerce was born in 2019 and continues to be enriched with products for well-being and decor made from natural elements.

I made my passions my job. What attracted me as a child and that touched the deepest chords of my soul as I grew up, makes up my days today. I create natural settings playing with colors and different types of materials and flowers, fresh or dried; aiming to create the perfect atmosphere and the sharing of unique emotions marked by a pinch of magic.

You can see some of my works here.

Another aspect of my work that I love very much is that of the workshops: joining a group to create together and share a special moment creates immense value every time for each participant and rediscovering ancient gestures is precious for everyone. our.

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An immense love and respect for Nature, so much so that I moved to live by the sea, where my inspiration and creativity find their best expansion.

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