3 ideas for Easter eggs DIY


Wooow! I enjoyed so much decorate these eggs! They can become an original centerpiece for Easter decorations, one could also be eaten.

Here’s the tutorial:


uova glitterate



♥ eggs (real or plastic / wood) of any color (use fake eggs for long period lasting)

♥ glue

♥ colored glitter

♥ brush

Insert in different bowls (quite large enough to contain an egg) the glitter of different colors that you are going to use. Spread with a brush a thin layer of glue on the entire shell of the egg and then gently pass the egg in the glitter bowl turning to adhere the glitter on all sides. Repeat for all the eggs that you want to decorate. Make dry for 1/2 hour and give another layer of glue to fix. I’ve inserted them into the same carton of eggs to expose. Suitable for decorations, they can not be eaten.



uova decoupage centrotavola pasqua



♥ white eggs
♥ printed paper napkins (if the base is white or light will be a cleaner work)
♥ glue for decoupage
♥ brush
♥ scissors
Carefully cut out the details of the towel you wish to transfer on the egg. Apply a small amount of glue on the egg with the brush, stick the paper cutout on the glue and then another layer of glue on the paper cut. Make dry. I made it a centerpiece by placing in a glass container some colored sand, I placed the egg on it and then I finished it all with a little of Irish moss. You can use them to decorate, they can not be eaten.



uova colorate celesti con il cavolo rosso



♥ white eggs
♥ 1 red cabbage
♥ 5 cups water
♥ 4 tablespoons white vinegar
♥ blotter
♥ pot
Boil eggs earlier if you’re going to eat them after being decorated, or they can be left raw if not. Cook the sliced red cabbage in a pot not too large with 5 cups water, when cooked pull it up leaving the water in the pot. Make it cool and add the white vinegar. Add the eggs inside the liquid and turn them with a steel spoon from time to time. Leave them in the liquid for 1 hour if you want to get a light blue, longer hours (even overnight) for a more intense blue. I then inserted into small nests and I’ll expose the on the Easter brunch buffet. You can use them to decorate, but they can also be eaten after elimination of the shell.