Amsterdam vibes


Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities, able to inspire me and travel fast, but at the same time live slowly and kindly.

What is more than anything else is in design: shops, bars and restaurants are studied in detail to be welcoming and super cool, following and dictating new trends.

So here is my list of spots not to be missed, to let you also be inspired by the vibrations of Amsterdam.


W H E R E  T O  E A T

B r e a k f a s t  /  S n a c k s

C t coffe & coconuts

amsterdam dove mangiare
amsterdam dove mangiare

Crazy! In design and in the menu, this place wins. Perfect for both salty and sweet breakfast, to drink coconut water or one of the delicious smoothie, for lunch always toast with avocado.


Sticky fingers amsterdam


pluk amsterdam pluk amsterdam

There are several in the city, two are in the grid of the Nine Streets, so if you go there for a little ‘shopping stop in this cafe for a breakfast or a snack with their beautiful desserts. There is also a small shop inside, and the online shop on their site.

Mook pancakes


L u n c h

Buffet van odette

Koala republic



The meets

amsterdam dove mangiare amsterdam dove mangiare amsterdam dove mangiare

Simple and good quality food in a young and smart environment, where you can stop and work with the pc drinking something and eating a good toast.


D r i n k  /  A p e r i t i f

Klimpton de Witt (quello con la scritta al neon)

Bar botanique


D i  n n e r 

Meneer niege

meneer niege amsterdam

Wonder! The outside is magical, the interior is cozy and comfortable, with attention to detail with velvet sofas and plants to fall from above. The tasting menu does not disappoint, the fries are a drug.

Cafe restaurant de plantage

amsterdam dove mangiare amsterdam dove mangiare amsterdam dove mangiare amsterdam dove mangiare

At the entrance there is a real giant tree that overhangs everything up to the ceiling of this space similar to a greenhouse.


Relaxed chic atmosphere with white marble details. Perfect for dinner, also ideal for lunch.



Amsterdam is littered with designer shops and clothing scattered in the streets in all areas of the city. But if you have a few days available and you have to go shopping, do not miss these two areas:


N i n e  S t r e e t s 

A grid of 9 narrow streets full of shops and lovely cafes, every window is a blow to the heart! To go there absolutely!


D e  J o r d a n :  H a r l e m m e r s t r a a t

To the north of the city is the De Jordan district, I suggest you take the main street, Haarlemmerstraat, full of crazy shops, including: Sukha, fantastic shop for home decor, furniture and clothing, unique in its design characterized by white and light wood; Fleurmonde, beautiful shop with flowers and objects; Dille&Kamille, shop for the home and for the kitchen.

negozi amsterdam
Sukha Amsterdam
negozi amsterdam
Fleurmonde Amsterdam


D e  P i j p 

In this nice area you will find cool shops as: things I like things I love,  Anna & Nina e Felice home of brands.

amsterdam dove mangiare
Things I like Things I love
amsterdam dove mangiare
Things I like Things I love


D e  H a l l e n  –  D e  K l o f f i e  M a r k t

All’interno dello spazio industriale di De Hallen, a ovest della città, aperto tutti i giorni con i suoi negozi e corner di food multietnico, ogni sabato si svolge il De kloffie Markt, con artigiani, esposizioni vintage e laboratori creativi. A me è piaciuto un sacco!


F l o w e r  M a r k e t :  l o e m e n m a r k t

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm and on Sundays from 11.00 am to 5.30 pm, the Amsterdam flower market is definitely worth seeing.