Autumn table set


Sometimes to be able to listen to ourselves we better should remember what we liked to do when we were kids, it’s at that times that we gave space to our pure passions, free of influences and limits.

When I was a child I used to love playing with Sweet bakery and its small kitchen tools and create colorful monsters with Factory monsters (already emerged my split personality!), but the thing I’d dedicate hours was to create centerpieces and new items often starting from recycled materials.

Apart from the monsters, cook and outfitting are two passions that I carry on to this day and that allow me to give space to creativity making me feel good. Listen to yourself ♥

This year autumn seems special in its colors and lights, and I wanted to celebrate it by creating a table set that plays on the colors of blue, lime green and white, because nature is still far from dead.

This post is intended to be an inspiration, soon will insert more details on the tablecloth, cutlery and so on, while starting with these colors, you can compose your table using what you like and what you have at home.

For my table I used a fall-colored cloth jeans as tablecloth, acid green is given by quince scattered here and there, green and blue hydrangeas put at the center of the table in small transparent jars, finally white ceramic dishes and some candle to create the right atmosphere.

After all think about the details of the table also means taking care of us and our guests, although too often we leave it out for lack of time. Take care ♥