Blackberries season party


The season of blackberries has come and we celebrated it with a special event on Saturday August 1st!

On a sunny afternoon with friends and new acquaintances, all who love nature and genuine food, we gathered in the biodynamic farm La Casa di Toni in Santa Marinella.

The afternoon began with the collection of blackberries, all equipped with conteiners. After the collection was the highlight of the buffet of desserts, all homemade, from the tarts of blackberries and figs, through the wine ciambellette, up to the coconut pudding  (that I prepared myself).

Somebody was relaxing under the colorful umbrellas, someone else went to greet the animals of the farm, others was walking in the green taking some pictures with fig trees… A perfect afternoon in the countryside!

Now a few more days in town and then it’s off… Destination Thailand! Follow my journey on Instagram;)