Breakfast in bed


I love breakfast in bed, the best resting place, where you dare to dream and where we feel protected. The right slowness to start the day: open your eyes, smell something sweet and understand that you should not rush out of bed to start the day, but take the right time to activate the body and mind filling the first moments of the day of good and beautiful things.

First, what’s better than fresh flowers, maybe yellow or orange to convey sunshine early morning? I have them inserted into a white porcelain. Porcelain is also for the cup filled with homemade hot almond milk, to drink also vitamin cold pressed juice with fruit and vegetables from the season presented in a glass jar presented with a bow and closed with its cap, and a straw in part. To break the all-white porcelain, for the sugar bowl I have chosen a crystal one.

To eat? Let me know a person who does not like pancakes for breakfast. I propose here a smaller version, we can call them mini pancakes, you can found here my recipe and to make them mini size unless you have the proper interface plates just take small amounts of dough with a spoon to form small circles on the pan and cook, for accompany the classic maple syrup that I poured over and the quince compote. All this rests on a silver tray covered with a centerpiece in yellow tulle with lace, but you could also opt for whole white lace.

Fresh flowers, hot and cold drink, sweetness … I think it is complete, of course if you really want to be romantic, a cute note to put on the tray would not hurt!

I hope you like this table set, and let me emphasize that this is NOT a subliminal message to get breakfast in bed … No, not at all …;)

Take care of the little things ♥


Straw: Tiger