Christmas placeholder DIY


A very simple DIY to make glittered Christmas stars suitable for multiple uses: as a placeholder for Christmas dinner, as a close package for gifts, or even to hang on the tree for a personalized decoration.


♥ 1 package 500 g of modeling paste

♥ rolling pin

♥ 1 wooden skewer

♥ 1 star-shaped stencil or other shapes

♥ stamps with letters of the alphabet (I have this here)

♥ spray adhesive

♥ gold glitter



  1. Take the DAS loaf, place it on the work surface and roll it out with a rolling pin up to a height of 1/2 cm;
  2. With the stencil starts to get stars from the DAS;
  3. When you have finished all the DAS and created all your stars, with the wooden skewer make holes in the upper part, which will allow you to pass a ribbon to tie the placeholder to the napkin or to hang it on the tree;
  4. With the letter-stamps write now what you like best, you could write the names of the participants to the dinner for a perfect placeholder, or words like “Joy” “Love” Peace “, or even” Happy XMAS “as I did;
  5. Leave the stars to dry for 48 h, they will become dry and white, perfect to be used like this or to glitter like mine;
  6. When they are completely dry, go to the decoration of the stars: placing them on sheets of newspaper spray the glue on the entire surface, then gently pour the glitter over. Let the glue dry and your placeholders are ready.
    (Remember that the rolling pin, the stencil and the skewer can not be reused for food purposes as they may have retained non-ingestible substances after being in contact with the DAS)


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