Easter floral wreath


I always loved to decorate the Easter table.

You start to feel the air of spring and pour the brightest colors on the table, happy to share moments of breakfast with friends eating good things and giving space to creativity, perhaps decorating eggs.

For this centerpiece I chose the yellow of the mimosa, soft as a chick, the pink of peach blossoms, feathers and small quail eggs, together with some branches that recall the nest.

You can order your writing to info@ilariamarrocco.com

If instead you want to test yourself and bring something done by yourself to the table, know that I will take a course in Rome to learn how to make a garland like this in sponge for flowers, write me at the same address for all the info ♥


ghirlanda fiori pasqua ghirlanda fiori pasqua
ghirlanda fiori pasqua corso