Floral gift wrapping


Christmas is coming and I’m already starting to program the gifts part I love most: packages. The real cure is seen by the package, then try to find the time to customize your wrappers with a detail that represent you, specifically designed for the person receiving the gift.

Today I share with you this tutorial easy to compose: a floral package. Remember that it is essential to prepare the package at most a few hours before delivering it, otherwise we risk that the flowers wilt.



pruning shears

1 rose buttercup with stem, two buds and a flower without stem

a few sprigs of pine

1 eucalyptus branch, also dried

1 cinnamon stick

a sheet of rice paper with pressed flowers


washi tape



Package the gift as you like (I wrapped in a classical way by closing its borders with a washi tape) using paper with pressed flowers, then take the twine and do three laps on the long side and then tying the two ends with a knot on front of the package leaving 20 cm free of twine from one side and the other.

Create now your own small bouquet resting the buttercup on sprigs of pine and eucalyptus, also add the stems with buds and ties it all with twine doing some laps around the bouquet and finishing with a knot advancing some twine. Place the cinnamon stick on the knot and close with string by another knot, two if necessary.

League now the bouquet package combining all the ends of the twine (the one positioned on the package and the one that closes the bouquet), tightening them with a bow on the cinnamon stick.

If you want to add a final touch cut off a buttercup flower by its stem and with the cold glue stick it on the bouquet.