Glass jars as a candle holder


If you have a lot of glass jars and you don’t know how to use them , this is a perfect way to enjoy with decoupage to give a new life to the jars and possibly a nice gift.



1 glass jar
2 pages of an old book
1 candle with aluminum base
Paint for decoupage
1 cookie cutter (optional)
Take the jar, measure it and cut out the page of the book to cover it all, I needed two pages. Cut off of the pages two hearts placed at the same height.
In a bowl inserted 3 parts of PVA glue and 1 of water, with a brush put the glue over the entire surface of the pages, and mount them on the jar. When dry put another coat of glue and finally paint for decoupage, to allow you to wash the jar one day.
Also packed a candle to the person who receives the gift, so you can explain the future use of this beautiful jar!