Glittered wooden spoons


With this simple DIY we’ll give a “magic” look to our wooden spoons. You can choose to use them as cute and useful gift or to use them to give your kitchen a bit of color!

Once they are finished, if done properly, they can be washed without loosing their glitter.



♥ wooden spoons (new if you want to give them away)

♥ vinyl glue

♥ colored glitter (color of your choice)

♥ scotch

♥ brush

♥ tags and twine

♥ pen



Cover with tape the wooden spoon to delimit the height of glitter.

Before starting you will need a shelf where you’ll dry spoon and a paper / paper plate to save the excess glitter.

In a glass add a little bit of glue and dilute with a drop of water. Collect the glue with the brush and pass it gently on the area of ​​the wooden spoon on which you attack your glitter. Now cover the entire surface with glitter (do this process on the sheet of paper in order to collect the excess glitter for later use).

Remove now the piece of tape and let dry at the end of the shelf for 2 hours.

Now pass the second coat of glue that will completely seal the glitter making it safe to use and wash.  Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, then you can use it as many times as you want and wash it.