Halloween table decorations


Halloween is approaching, here in Italy not all of us celebrate it but in America I know you’re doing the countdown from the beginning of the month. I like the holidays because they allow me to be with who I want and make me dream a little putting a stop to the daily grind, and every time I do not miss the opportunity to get creative and do something in the topic, which is a gift, a recipe or a table decoration as in this case. When it comes to the table creativity becomes even care for others and there is nothing more beautiful make the guests feel comfortable in our home.

It is not a real table of horrors like the Halloween tradition would ask, but with the colors I have not departed from the classic orange and black that are usually used on October 31, to which I added a few more warm tone with brown. For a soft and not too scary Halloween party, you can take inspiration from this table set for a dinner party at home.

We start from the tablecloth because the choice is a bit special, in fact I used a dark plaid with Scottish plot to make it less formal and more easy; I’m sure each of you in the house has a plaid of this type that you can use without having to buy it. The dishes playing on orange color, light and dark, the same towels with orange tones I linked to the silverware with a brown ribbon to warm up all a bit. For glasses I opted for a classic crystal, the simplicity of dishes and tableware allowed me to move around with different elements to enrich the table, starting with the placeholder created from small ornamental pumpkins that you can find from well supplied flower shops (I’ve bought at the flower market), which tied with string the tags on which I wrote with trembling hand invitees names with a black marker.

At the center of the table two orange candles form a rhombus with two small persimmon of the season, they all in the lines of two branches of hawthorn orange (at this time this plant also found in parks); on the sides of the table two gold and black imposing chandeliers supporting black candles to give a touch of mystery. Finally, here and there I shed a few chestnuts.

These were my ideas with what I had at home, but with the Halloween theme you can really indulge painting or covering pumpkins with glitter.

An idea for a recipe for your October 31 dinner? Here it is, and to make it more special for this day, add a tablespoon of mustard.


Dishes: Dalani

Cutlery: Christofle

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