Home made natural Bath Salts


For me, the hot bath in the bathtub is one of those sacred and inevitable rituals, when I need to take care and time for myself, when I want to abandon thoughts and free my mind.

sali da bagno fatti in casa naturali lavanda

Inserting bath salts is a gesture that I often do, because it helps to deflate and lighten and if oils are present in addition to salt, the combo is completed for perfect relaxation.

Preparing our bath salts at home allows us to choose the type of salt and specific oils to be used according to our needs.

Meanwhile, we understand what types of salt can be used for this purpose. The main ones are three: Epsom salts, whole sea salt and Dead Sea salts.

In addition to performing a draining action by facilitating the osmotic process of eliminating excess liquids, these salts leave the skin very smooth, I feel very comfortable even when I immerse my hair because it makes it very soft.

They also bring benefits to the muscle level, so ideal to use them after doing sports.

To really benefit from bath salts it is necessary to use them constantly 2/3 times a week, obviously associating them with a healthy lifestyle.

Gli oli essenziali che utilizzo più spesso per comporre i miei sali da bagno sono:

The essential oils that I use most often to compose my bath salts are:

  • Lavender , for a relaxing, calming, relaxing action (ideal before bed);
  • Rosa , acts as a tonic, aphrodisiac, revitalizing;
  • Jasmine , aphrodisiac and anti-stress;
  • Eucalyptus and pine , for an action on the respiratory tract;
  • Ylang ylang , for a calming and aphrodisiac effect.

The bath salts prepared at home are kept for several months in an airtight container, at room temperature.

We now come to the composition of our homemade natural bath salts:

Inserire i sali da bagno è un gesto che faccio spesso, perché aiuta a sgonfiare ed alleggerire e se sono presenti anche gli olii oltre al sale si completa la combo per il perfetto relax.


♥ 1 kg Epsom Salts;

♥ 130 drops of essential oils (you can make a mix or use just one type of oil);

♥ Optional: 60 g lavender flowers


Pour the salt into a bowl and add the lavender flowers if you use them; mix well with a wooden spoon and you will already feel an intoxicating scent of lavender. Add the essential oils and mix again, then pour everything into a clean and perfectly dry airtight glass jar.

Leave the bath salts created to rest for at least 24 h before the first use, so that the salt will perfectly absorb the drops of oil.

Quantity and use: once the tub is filled with hot water, pour two cups of bath salts into the water. Immerse yourself for at least 20 min and enjoy this moment for yourself. Repeat the bath 2/3 times a week.