How to set up a chic picnic


Setting up a picnic, whether for a themed party or for a lunch in nature, requires care and attention to detail but just a few simple materials, enriched with more chic touches.

Let’s start by saying that for convenience it would be perfect to put a wooden table as a base, even if on the ground, perhaps raised about 30 cm above the ground with books or something, to be covered with a white, cotton or linen tablecloth.

The seats if the table with the tablecloth is positioned on the ground will consist of cushions and cushions.

It is very nice to choose dishes with floral motifs, even different from each other, I recommend taking a stroll in an antiques market or a vintage shop and choosing unique pieces. For example, in the Il Mercatino franchise I always find incredible pieces at a very good price.

We then place the dishes, the napkin we can place it on the plate itself, perhaps tied with a knot, we can also put a sprig of lavender or rosemary on it. To the right of the plate we will have the knife (with blade facing the plate) and to the left of the plate the fork. At the top right the glass (also in this case indulge in vintage markets, I took them with bee-shaped reliefs). I also added my floral coasters, which lend themselves perfectly to this romantic and natural setting.

Fresh flowers should not be missing on the table. You can create compositions in pots but also simply use glass bottles and bottles filled with wildflowers. Flowers can also be used around the table, perhaps in baskets and straw bags.

They are part of a perfect chic set up of old books and maybe a polaroid, if functioning it will also frame precious moments during the picnic.

And then colorful fresh fruit in baskets and free on the table, forms of bread and cheese platter with bunches of grapes and walnuts.

Unmissable a tart with dark jam, in which to insert fresh daisies that will create a wonderful contrast with the color of the fruit compote.