Lemon water before breakfast


Series “small everyday actions that can make a difference and make us feel good”, I tell you a trick of nature and the reasons why it is useful to take this habit, maybe at intervals of time (a month yes and then stop for the next month) because the excesses are never good.

The daily act of which I speak is to drink the juice of one organic lemon diluted in half a glass of warm water after getting up on, empty stomach.

Try it and you’ll see that you’ll start the day in a different way, feeling lighter and energetic. This is for various reasons listed below:


– Hot water hydrates immediately after the night

– The lemon cleanses the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system

– It has a power alkalizing that helps to balance our body

– Regulates the intestine

– It stimulates the metabolism and gives us energy


Only two notes, as the lemon may damage tooth enamel, wash your mouth well after drinking this drink.  Second, if you suffer from gastritis or gastric reflux this gesture could make it worse so it’s better to avoid it.

5 minutes after having assumed the lemon you can safely make a huge breakfast. Before I eat I do a little gym to reactivate the body and speed up my metabolism even more, in order to live the day to the fullest! I can guarantee that it works, try it!