Lunar bridal styled shoot


An unconventional wedding.

Moon and stars, stones and shells, magical details as inspiration of the most fascinating and hidden nature, of which our lunar bride feels to be a part.

Sitting on a rock under a starry sky like a mermaid, in contact with herself, our bride swears to the moon her deepest love for her future husband and companion in adventures.

On the table the handwritten placeholder on shells that resume the shape of the full moon, resting on amethyst stones that give off positive energy. Flowers in shades of blue and white light up in the flames of lighted candles on a tulle that softens the wooden table. On the plates the watercolor menus with patterns of stars and moons.


lunar bridal shooting styled


Ph & Graphics: Eleonora Grasso

Styling & Florals: Ilaria Marrocco Design

Dress: Chiara Valentini Atelier

Accessori per capelli: Guinevere Vines

Candelieri blu: Westwing

Bicchieri e posate: Zara Home