New life to an old frame


I found this frame thrown on my house’s street and I couldn’t help but imagine it painted new, so I took it and told me that sooner or later I would have put my hands on it.

Lately I bought prints with flowers in London and what better opportunity to resume the old framework and adapt it in the colors of these prints?!

If you have an old frame at home that you don’t like the most, instead of throwing it sought to give a new life freeing the imagination.




acrylic spray paint pastel pink

acrylic paint pink

masking tape

flat brush



Proceed sanding with sandpaper until the surface of the frame to remove the paint that covered. In case of cracks and small holes you will need to plaster some parts of the frame, otherwise proceed directly with the painting.

Take the masking tape and cover the entire surface you are going to paint it later to another color if you want a two-tone frame like mine.

Proceed to spray acrylic paint all over the surface except the portion covered by the scotch, let dry for a couple of hours and spend another layer. Once dried it all off, remove the tape from the area and with a flat brush take the pink paint and start to cover the wood brushing in one direction, let dry again once past the second layer.

The job is done! A whole new image to an old and not so cute frame.