Oil pulling: detox ayurveda remedy


For the series “small everyday actions that can make a difference and make us feel good”!

Not long ago I discovered this detoxifying Ayurvedic remedy called Oil Pulling and I wanted to try it, I must say that I tested on me the positive symptoms described and I added it to my early morning practices.

What I do is simple and involves taking a few extra minutes for yourself just wake up, so, especially if we are used to run, I’d say that is a good reason to try to take the day otherwise and more relaxing.

The gesture is to put in your mouth a tablespoon sesame oil, or alternatively sunflower oil or coconut, gritting teeth and push the oil in the middle of the teeth and gums to the cheeks and then back on the palate, for 20 minutes.

Do not be alarmed by these 20 minutes, in the meantime you can prepare breakfast, read, write on computer or anything else that does not involve the talk, which is not bad for those who hate to open the mouth in the early morning! And if you can’t do 20 minutes right now, try to start with less and then increase.

Reading the history of this ancient Ayurvedic ritual it’s known that was introduced in modern times by Dr. Karach in 1992, and it’s able to restore and maintain health in general. It’s mentioned in Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita in which is called Kavala or Gandusha, where it’s said that it cures about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headaches, to diabetes and asthma.

But technically, why this ritual is good for our body? Because after the first 10 minutes of this movement it activates enzymes that draw out toxins from the blood purifying it, which clean can help the body heal. Oilseeds, then, they absorb toxins from the teeth and gums and remove them from the body detoxifying it. In addition, with this movement that touches the different points of the mouth, it stimulates the corresponding organs of the body and help them in healing.


The benefits described:

– Whiter and shiny teeth;

– Prevents bad breath;

– Increases energy;

– Clarify thoughts;

– Relieves headaches;

– Relieves allergies;

– Improves sleep;

– Brighten skin;

– Adjust the menstrual cycle.


Tips on how to make the oil pulling:

– The best time to do the oil pulling is in the morning on an empty stomach, just wake up;

– During the rinse 20 minutes, oil inside the mouth will become less dense because diluted with saliva and will turn into a whitish liquid. Be careful not to swallow it because it’s full of toxicity;

– After the interval thrown the oil, possibly by pulling water into the toilet to remove immediately from the house all those toxins;

– Immediately after rinsing it’s recommended to wash the mouth for 10 seconds with water and a pinch of salt or baking soda, to disinfect;

– Just finished it’s recommended to drink a glass of warm water, alternatively take breakfast directly, perhaps with a hot tea.

Dr. Chandrika Shah, yoga instructor, says that to notice the results of this practice are needed 15-20 days. So, it seems that it’s a useful practice under several points of view, so why not take a try?!