Party ideas: jars with inspirational paper tags


Have you in mind to organize a party with friends, a snack or a birthday party? There’s a DIY very very nice to do, as I did it for my birthday, using glass jars instead of glasses (like jam jars). But there’s more: by purchasing the twine and paper tag (you can also make them at home by cutting shaped tag from colored card), you can write thoughts or inspiring quotes for each of the guests who will surely appreciate.

Things to buy are:

Glass jars (if you do not have at home)


Tag colored paper or card stock



The process is very simple. First write the positive quotes that you like on the tags. Then cut the twine length of a bit longer than the circumference of the jar, so you can make a bow with twine to close around the “glass”. After you cut the twine, insert the tag, make a knot to make it stay still, and slose the string with a ribbon around the jar. Repeat the same process for all the glasses and you’ve done! Now you have to look at the surprised faces of your friends. For every friend of mine happened that they received the right quote for the period she was living, this is the magic of the game…