Ribbons display DIY


I always stored my ribbons in transparent boxes in which I catalog all materials in my lab.

Anytime I’ve been looking for the one I needed (I have many) it was not exactly easy to find it, so I thought of a solution that would allow me to have them always at hand, and all visible so I can choose the best one at the right time.

It costs practically nothing, just find some nice branches to the park, quite straight. I used branches of eucalyptus advanced from am event, obviously more the branch is robust more it can withstand multiple ribbons.

I also find it very nice as a piece of design in a studio, maybe on the wall near the desk.


espositore nastri diy fai da te



♥ branch

♥ twine

♥ 2 pins



Grab your branch, knot the twine at one end of it and leave about 10cm of free twine creating a small loop at the end that will allow you to hang the branch to the pin later.

Thread the ribbons in the branch one by one and knot another piece of string at this end of the branch always leaving the approximately 10 cm and making a small loop.

Measure the length of the branch and space the pins on the wall of the same size, now hang the two loops of twine on the pins and here is your display of ribbons!


espositore appendi nastri diy