Bicolor Christmas breadsticks

Christmas for me means to just stop and think about the people I care about, so with a gift bought and thought for them, or a hand made recipe, I show them they are important to me. Perhaps we should do more often these demonstrations of affection, but the mind travels so quickly and on so many things during the day, and when December comes I say, “Just stop, the simple things and the best are right in front of your eyes, take care of them”.

These sticks are perfect as a gift or to eat on Christmas Day, put them on the table adds color to the already magical Christmas evening. I have prepared with sourdough not refreshed, the one that usually throw when we go to refresh the yeast. Here, instead of throwing it we get the beautiful and crispy breadsticks that seem magical scepters, flavored with tomato and origano.



♥ 100 g sourdough not refreshed

♥ 150 g wholemeal flour

♥ 150 g wheat flour

♥ 40 g extra virgin olive oil

♥ 140 g warm water

♥ 3 tablespoons tomato double paste Petti

♥ 6 g sea salt

♥ oregano q.s.

♥ 1 small star cookie cutter



You’ll have to divide all the ingredients in half, so that eventually you will have two loaves of dough, one red and one white.

Divide the amount of water into two bowls and only in one melt 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, now divide the dose of dough in half and insert it in two bowls causing massive melting.

Separately, mix flours and split them in half in two bowls. Proceed to prepare the white dough pouring the sourdough dissolved in the water in one of two bowls with flour, while dough add half of the salt and finally the half of the oil, if necessary add more water. Put the dough in an oiled bowl and prepare the second red dough.

Then take the dough dissolved in the liquid red water and tomato and pour into the bowl with the remaining flour proceeding in the same way the previous dough, then incorporate the salt and finally the oil. Put even this dough in a oiled bowl and enter both bowls covered in the oven with the light switched on, will have to stand for about 3 hours.

After the interval resume the two doughs, pick up a small piece of dough mixing red and white too. Work before the white one by rolling under the palms on a work surface to obtain a bread stick of medium length, pass it now in a dish that you covered in oregano and roll so as to cover the surface. Do the same with the red dough, but without origano to not altering the color.

Now that you have the two dough in the shape of breadsticks, overlay the two leaders crushing a little to join them and turn; take a little ball of dough white or red and cut the shape of a star to be applied on the head of the obtained bicolor breadstick and then lay it on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Proceed in this way until the end of the doughs.

Bake at 180 ° ventilated for 25 to 30 minutes and let cool.

Introduce them in a glass jar decorated with a red ribbon, or on a golden tray.