Chestnut and cocoa cake

If you’re like me you bought a lot of chestnuts because it’s autumn and you like them and you are looking for a recipe to enjoy them in a cake, this is the recipe. For me it was so, I bought them at an organic producer, I used them a lot for autumnal compositions and then I wanted to finally eat them, so I tried a new recipe and I must say it was excellent, and without flour.



♥ ½ kg chestnuts

♥ 100 g walnuts

♥ 70 g cocoa

♥ 80 g maize starch

♥ 150 g sunflower oil

♥ 300 g rice malt

♥ 200 g water

♥ ½ teaspoon vanilla powder

♥ 1 pinch salt



Put to boil in a pot 1 liter and ½ of water, meanwhile washes well chestnuts in their skins and practice an incision with a boxcutter horizontally on each chestnut for easy cooking. When the water boils, add the chestnuts with peel and simmer 45 minutes. After this time, when still warm privale peel and inner skins brown and mince them with a blender.

Combine in a large bowl the dry ingredients, then the chopped chestnuts, chopped walnuts, salt, vanilla, cocoa and starch sifted.

In another bowl, mix with a whisk wet ingredients, then the oil, malt, water. Now pour the liquid ingredients into dry and blend with a wooden spoon until mixture is smooth.

Olia and flour the pan and pour the mixture.

Bake at 180 for 40 minutes.

I have accompanied with an almond cream.