Hanami Dango

There are different kinds of Dango and japanese people eat them all year in their country, but for the Hanami (the ceremony for the blossom of Sakura cherry trees) they prepare a special type called Hanami-Dango. Also called Sanshoku-Dango, it consists of three balls of rice flour with colors that recall the spring: pink, white and green. I decorate them with the coconut turnips. I have prepared them for a Dilycious Picnic I organized for the Hanami next to the Rome’s pond in EUR zone right under the cherry trees in bloom, a marvel.



250 g of rice flour

120g coconut flour (in the original recipe soy flour)

Approximately 220 g of hot water

130 g rice malt

To color

1 teaspoon Anko (Azuki jam)

1/2 teaspoon tea Matcha powder



Loose the rice malt in the hot water and mix it with rice flour until the mixture is smooth. Divide the dough into three parts. The first piece of dough leave it so, in the second enter a spoon of azuki jam, and in the third half a teaspoon of tea matcha powder to color them. Now obtain from the doughs small balls of the same size.

While you prepare the balls, heat the water and as it boils put in the balls. As soon as they all surface remove them from the heat.

Put the coconut flour in a bowl and when you take out the balls from the water put them into the coconut covering them completely and then allow to cool. Take the skewers and thread three balls each: green, white and pink.