Nice cream

Have you ever heard of the nice cream? Term from (ba)nana ice cream, the nice cream is a real gelato made at home with the slow juicer  or blender, made from frozen fruit with banana that give the cream effect due to its pectin.
Really amazing as at home we can produce a delicious ice cream, especially creamy without adding milk and preservatives, just pure fruit, perhaps sweetened as you like.

We can choose any fruit that we like, adding a little banana according to taste, I don’t like that it feels too so I put less than the quantity of the rest of the fruit, but can vary depending on your preference.



♥ frozen fruits (here I’ve used bananas and peaches)

♥ rice malt optional


Cut the bananas and the rest of the fruit into slices / pieces and put in the freezer. Only when it’s frozen, after a few hours / days, you can proceed to create your own ice cream with the help of a blender or a slow juicer. In the first case, simply enter the fruit in the blender and blend until frothy.
If you possess a slow juicer, enter thesuitable filter without knife and put the basket under the hole in which usually come out waste: just by the hole, after entering the frozen fruit in the union, will be out a long ribbon of ice cream!

Only later, if you like, add a little rice malt to sweeten, or a bit of fresh fruit and hazelnuts, but also the coconut flakes, then unleashes your imagination!