Slow juicer ice cream with dates and figs

Did you know that with your slow juicer you can prepare delicious natural ice cream? Just freeze the fruit that you like in small pieces and then put it in the slow juicer still frozen: where usually come out waste, this time will come real bundles of ice cream. The addition of a few slices of frozen banana gives creaminess at all.


Ingredients for 4 cups

♥ 250 g dates medjoul frozen

♥ 250 g fresh figs frozen

♥ 80 g frozen banana slices

♥ 100 g unpeeled almonds

♥ cinnamon



Freeze the fruit at least half a day before using it for ice cream.

Toast the almonds in a pan for a few minutes, then cut coarsely into slices with a knife.

Remove from freezer all the fruit you need 2-3 minutes and let it out before using it.

Prepare now the dates ice cream by entering the frozen dates in the slow juicer and half of the frozen banana slices, set aside. Prepare now the frozen figs ice cream entering the fruit in the slow juicer and adding the remaining banana slices.

Assemble now the cups with the two ice cream flavors and serve with slices of toasted almonds and a sprinkling of cinnamon. You’ll make a great impression with your natural, no preservatives, and only fruit ice cream!