Romantic breakfast


I don’t know about you but for me breakfast is the most beautiful and important meal of the day. It all depends on how we approach the beginning of a new day, if we decide to be happy it will be more likely that life will smile to us, if we leave unhappy and struggling to get up because we don’t do what we like and we don’t do anything to change things it will be difficult to enjoy everyday. So a lot of grit and let in motion already in the early morning, perhaps starting with a nice breakfast that makes us really want to get up. I don’t know if for you is the same thing, but I when I know I have something sweet at home, before going to sleep I think that I can’t wait to get up. If you enjoy cooking, the time off is the right excuse to relax by taking a sweet breakfast, to take care of ourselves and of the person who stands with us if we have him/her.

I do not live with my boyfriend, but when we have breakfast together and wake up a bit before I like to make everything right, it’s an act of love for him and for me. For this romantic breakfast I pulled out an old tea service, the kind that more or less all we have at home but we never use because they seem ancient.

Well, here acquires new value thanks to other elements that complete the table setting for breakfast: a glass backsplash with protein bars inside, in the center of the table a glass jar recovered with decoupage, a mini jar with blue hydrangeas, all on a runner in white lace on a wooden table on which I supported chestnuts and walnuts to draw autumn. And if you have a special thought to share with your love, put it in a paper gift bag with romantic patterns as I did (my envelope is covered with hearts). In the dishes an autumnal and chocolaty cake, to start the day with sweetness and energy: a chestnut and cocoa cake, drinking antioxidant matcha tea.

The classic breakfast rules want the dishes in front of the diner with the spoon on the right of the plate and fork with napkin on the left, at the top right of the plate the cup with the saucer, but of course in informal occasions we can play as we like. Always share your love ♥


Backsplash for cakes: DOM

Vintage Cups: Thun

Cutlery: Christofle