DIY Smudge Stick


The smudge stick, as well as incense and the holy pole, has a purifying function, on environments, on people, on objects.

A very useful ritual for purifying the environment in which we live is to light a smudge stick in the room every morning, make it fumigate properly and then open all the windows in order to eliminate smoke.

Traditionally, white sage ( Salvia apiana ) is used to make it, but other types of herbs can also be used, such as:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Mint;
  • Lavender;
  • Juniper;
  • Rosemary.
    Herbs can then be combined with flowers. The twigs must all measure 10 to 20 cm and be arranged in the same direction (all stems on one side and top on the other). You can use fresh materials and then dry the smudge stick (being careful to place it in a dry environment so that it does not form mold), or use already dried leaves and flowers.

Ecco il necessario per creare i propri smunge stick floreale in casa:

Here is what you need to create your own floral smunge stick at home:

♥ 2 sprigs of herbs

♥ 10 stems flowers ( lavender is fine)

twine in natural cotton or other organic material

You start by making a bunch with all the materials we have available so that they start and end in correspondence, then shorten some stems where necessary.

With the twine we make two tight knots at a height of 2 cm from the beginning of the stems leaving on one side the long twine (the one that will go up) and the other short we leave it down. We then go up rolling the spiral string very tight but not too thick around the bunch until you get to the tip.

Once arrived under the tip we turn twice with the string and we go down again towards the stems always twisting the string around the bunch.

Once we reach the initial knot, we knot the string and cut the excesses.

Our smudge stick is ready ♥

How is it used?

The tip is lit with fire, the flame is immediately extinguished and it is left to burn by spreading the smoke in the surrounding space. When it ceases to emit smoke we can re-ignite it in the same way.