Soy candles DIY


It’s quite difficult to get completely non-toxic candles in the shops, but the soy wax allows us to create them with our hands without too much difficulty.

When soy wax is dry its color is naturally beautiful and warm, soft, but if you want you can add natural pigments customizing even more the candles you are going to create, I often use the matcha tea powder for a natural green that combines perfectly with the cream color of soy wax. Even in the mold you can indulge, using designed molds or re-using what you have at home as silicone molds for cakes, boxes, cans or even the tetrapak milk container.


candele vegetali fai da te cera di soia




♥ 1 kg soy wax flakes

♥ cotton wire

♥ pegs for hanging

♥ molds



  1. Melt the wax in a double boiler until it is completely melted (70 ° about);
  2. Prepare molds by anointing them with olive oil;
  3. Prepare now for the wicks cutting pieces of cotton thread of the right size and dipping them in melted wax helping keeping them on the one hand with tweezers. Make dry for 10 min on aluminum foil;
  4. Place the wicks into the molds and keep them straight closing them in the clip that will be perpendicular to the mold standing out of it;
  5. Pour hot wax into the mold and let stabilize for 48h, past this time you can remove them from the molds and turn them on.


candele di cera di soia