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Winter elisir

Even me who am an avid runner slow juices of fruits and vegetables, I have to admit that it is much easier to drink them and prepare them in the summer when the season offers the most colorful fruits that trigger the imagination. To avoid drinking in winter the usually juice with apple, fennel and carrot, here’s a […]

Peach, strawberry and mint juice

Start your day with a fruit juice is solo good and this season we really have much choice of ingredients wonderfully good and beautiful. For this juice I chose strawberries and peaches, spiced with a few leaves of fresh mint.   Ingredients for 1 glass ♥ 2 peaches ♥ 40 g strawberries ♥ 2 fresh mint […]

Almond milk

A basic recipe to prepare cakes, but also suitable for savory preparations. In addition it’s a refreshing drink and super nutritious, thanks to the abundance of proteins and vitamins contained in almonds.   Ingredients for 1 liter 100 g of unpeeled organic almonds 1.2 lt water   Proceedings Put the almonds in a large bowl […]

Juice day #20: Sweet&Sour (with apple, pear and ginger)

This bittersweet juice contains a good dose of antioxidants and natural energies that make us really well, and then the taste is a pleasure. Give it a try;)   DAY 20: Sweet & Sour Ingredients for 1 juice 2 Pears 1 apple 2 cm root ginger   Proceedings Place the ingredients one by one in the juicer. […]

Juice Day #22: Vitamine C

Assuming vitamin C has many positive effects, one of all is its action on the oxidation of cells. Let’s see how to take it in the right amounts in a juice :)   DAY 22: Vitamin C Ingredients for 1 juice 5 Clementine 1 lemon 1 pinch of chilli   Proceedings Place the ingredients one by one in […]

“Smile” Juice

A juice that acts on our mood making it smile? This is the right one, because of its color and relaxing elements like lettuce and spinach, the serotonin contained in the ananas fruit, almonds’ oil.   DAY 21: Smile (acts on mood) Ingredients for 1 juice 2 Lettuce leaves 4 spinach leaves 1/4 Pineapple 5 Almond peeled 1 […]