Dessert & Sweets

How to finish a meal perfectly, with a "dilycious" dessert or cake.
meringhe acquafaba

Aquafaba Meringues

Delicious meringues made without egg white but only with chickpea cooking water and brown cane sugar! They have the same flavor and consistency as classic meringues and are an excellent way to reuse the chickpea cooking water, thus avoiding throwing it away. Ideal for those who eat see because the egg is not used. We […]

pancake vegan


Light, easy to prepare and very tasty. I cook these vegan pancakes very often for breakfast because they give me the right energy while not weighing me down, I really recommend trying them! Also ideal for those who have intolerances being milk-free and without eggs. They are also sugar-free in the dough, sweeten thanks to […]

plumcake vegan alle banane

Banana Plumcake

For those who like slow breakfast like me, this is an excellent dessert for breakfast and as a snack, besides being light and easy to prepare. This vegan banana plumcake is ideal for those who have intolerances or do not eat animal derivatives, because it is without eggs and without milk or butter. Ingredients: 300 […]

praline crudiste cacao e datteri

Raw dates and cocoa pralines

I go crazy for these pralines, which besides being very good give a considerable energy charge. Small and soft, one leads to another, try ;)   Ingredients for about 20 pralines ♥ 200 g almonds ♥ 200 g pitted dates ♥ 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon ♥ 1 apple ♥ a dash of vanilla extract ♥ cocoa […]

basbousa pasticcini arabi ricetta

Basbousa, arab pastries

I spoke here long ago how to set up a table in perfect Moroccan style, we now see the recipe for these Arab pastries called Basbousa perfect for tea time. Ingredients ♥ 500 g rice semolina ♥ 120 g brown sugar ♥ 150 ml almond milk ♥ 30 ml sunflower oil ♥ 50 ml water […]

muffin vegan

Lemon muffins with chocolate

Good morning and good breakfast with these vegan muffins with lemon scent, made even more delicious with chocolate flakes.   Ingredients ♥ 300 g wholemeal flour ♥ 140 g of whole brown sugar ♥ 240 g almond milk or water ♥ 140 g extra virgin olive oil ♥ 100 g dark chocolate ♥ 18 g cream of […]

Torta autunnale castagne e cacao

Chestnut and cocoa cake

If you’re like me you bought a lot of chestnuts because it’s autumn and you like them and you are looking for a recipe to enjoy them in a cake, this is the recipe. For me it was so, I bought them at an organic producer, I used them a lot for autumnal compositions and then […]

panini al tè matcha al vapore

Steamed tea matcha buns

I fell for this recipe by the chef Simone Salvini because these buns are healthy but most of all so beautiful to see and to put on the table. Here I propose a slightly modified by me version of them sweetened, but for savory version just replace sugar with 3 g of salt. Put together two and fill them […]

Biscotti avena e cocco

Oats and coconut biscuits

Delicious and suitable for breakfast or for a light afternoon tea.   Ingredients 100 g plain flour 2 100 g rolled oats 100 g coconut rapè a pinch vanilla powder pinch salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 130 g agave syrup 100 g coconut oil   Method Turn the oven to 170 ° mode ventilated. In a container […]

Slow juicer ice cream with dates and figs

Did you know that with your slow juicer you can prepare delicious natural ice cream? Just freeze the fruit that you like in small pieces and then put it in the slow juicer still frozen: where usually come out waste, this time will come real bundles of ice cream. The addition of a few slices of frozen banana […]

Strawberry grape cake

September’s first recipe, with organic strawberry grape, for a beautiful and very good cake.   Ingredients (for a roasting pan 32 × 23) ♥ 500 g wholemeal flour ♥ 360 g natural water ♥ 140 sunflower oil ♥ 80 g rice malt ♥ 800 g strawberry grape ♥ 2 sachets baking powder ♥ a pinch of […]

Sponge cake with cocoa, coconut cream and strawberries

Wow! It’s the first expression used by who look and taste this sponge cake. When you tell it’s all natural the surprise raises!   Ingredients For the sponge cake with cocoa ♥ 260 g wholemeal flour type 2 ♥ 180 g unsweetened cocoa powder ♥ 60 g foil corn ♥ 280 g corn oil ♥ […]

Nice cream

Have you ever heard of the nice cream? Term from (ba)nana ice cream, the nice cream is a real gelato made at home with the slow juicer  or blender, made from frozen fruit with banana that give the cream effect due to its pectin. Really amazing as at home we can produce a delicious ice cream, especially creamy without adding […]

Cacao pastry crostata with strawberry jam and chocolate chips

This cacao pastry is delicious and crumbly while not containing sugar or butter. Of course, crispness taste is good, but we know how difficult is to handle a crumbly dough when it’s laid. To help, my advise is to roll out the dough with a rolling pin on a sheet of parchment paper which then […]

Coconut pudding

Very good as it is or with the addition of some fruit, this coconut pudding is delicious and suitable for different occasions such as after a meal, snack, breakfast… Or even as a cake filling. Ingredients ♥ 200 ml coconut milk ♥ 25 g maize starch ♥ 50 g rice malt ♥ 100 g soy yogurt […]

Oatmeal porridge with almond milk and red fruits

Once past the solstice, there’s no longer any doubt, the summer is here and we have to deal with it. Love ourself right now means detox and get the right power to get power without sacrificing taste. This season the meals should be lighter and less consistent, preferring uncooked foods and taking many raw vegetables, rich in vitamins, fiber and […]


Do you think is possible to have the same taste and texture of the classic pancakes while not using milk or eggs for a lighter version of pancakes? After trying this recipe you won’t have any doubts! Delicious for breakfast: almond milkshake and pancakes to start your day at the very best!   Ingredients ♥ […]

Plumcake with hazelnut paste

You can also change this delicious plumcake by adding some red fruits or blueberries.   Ingredients ♥ 300g wholemeal flour ♥ 200 g rice malt ♥ 100 g hazelnut paste ♥ 300 ml almond milk (if you do it at home, you can not filter it and also use okara in the recipe) ♥ 1 tablespoon […]

Anko, japanese red beans Azuki paste

Here is the recipe for the Anko, red beans Azuki paste, you can eat like a normal jam, or use it to make traditional Japanese sweets that have Anko as filling, like in the Daifuku. The Anko can be prepared in two ways, in the version Koshian, that is perfectly amalgamated and homogeneous, and in the […]

Cocoa and strawberries cake

The texture, perfect taste without being too sweet, and the combination with strawberries is awesome. It’s delicious for breakfast and snacks, accompanied by a hot tea or a glass of fresh almond milk.   Ingredients 250 g spelled flour (or wholemeal wheat flour) 200 g brown sugar 50 g unsweetened cocoa powder 1 tablespoon baking […]