Cereals are so good and nutrient. I always prefer to use whole grains, here you'll find some "dilycious" recipes.

Bicolor Christmas breadsticks

Christmas for me means to just stop and think about the people I care about, so with a gift bought and thought for them, or a hand made recipe, I show them they are important to me. Perhaps we should do more often these demonstrations of affection, but the mind travels so quickly and on so […]

Pumpkin’s cream

A 100% fall recipe, I like dust it off today because it is in perfect Halloween theme! You could use it this evening for a dinner at home, perhaps presented in pumpkin same as I did, but it is always delicious, at least until the season gives us its delicious pumpkins :) To present it […]

Steamed tea matcha buns

I fell for this recipe by the chef Simone Salvini because these buns are healthy but most of all so beautiful to see and to put on the table. Here I propose a slightly modified by me version of them sweetened, but for savory version just replace sugar with 3 g of salt. Put together two and fill them […]

Cauliflower cous cous with pesto

A healthy recipe nice to put on the table because it plays with the senses and perceptions. What seems semolina cous cous is actually raw and chopped cauliflower, that without cooking retains all its rich properties. The spices gives aromatic flavors and help digestibility, together with maceration guaranteed by lemon. To play even more with the guests, try to […]

Tabbouleh with raw vegetables

I often go to Aromaticus in rione Monti in Rome because I love the atmosphere and the delicious and healthy dishes, lately every time I go I can’t help ordering this fragrant and tasty tabbouleh. Taking a cue from them, here’s the recipe. If you don’t have bulgur you can replace it with the couscous.   […]

Tomatoes with rice, a roman cuisine recipe

Tomatoes with rice, one of my favorite homemade recipes, typical of the region of Lazio.   Ingredients for 4 people ♥ 4 large red tomatoes, are fine Ramati ♥ 320 grams of brown rice ♥ 1 kg of potatoes ♥ 12 fresh basil leaves ♥ mint ♥ 1 branch of rosemary ♥ fresh garlic ♥ sea […]

Purple gnocchi

We may use purple potatoes for many recipes including baked chips accompanied by a vegetable mayonnaise, they were very good, but today the recipe is for purple gnocchi. To be seasoned as you like, maybe playing with color contrasts, or leaving them to the simple scent of lemon and sage.   Ingredients ♥ 800 g purple […]

Millet with tomatoes, eggplants and almond pesto

As I always say, eating well doesn’t mean deprive yourself of the taste. This recipe I think it figures the concept, good ingredients flavorful and satisfying. In addition it is ideal for people with celiac disease.   Ingredients for 4 people ♥ 300 g millet ♥ 250 g tomatoes ♥ 250 g eggplant ♥ 1 onion […]

Light sandwich ideal for the beach, with tomato and avocado

There are those who in the summer would live of sandwiches and fruit. For those who like to take the sandwich on the go then we see a recipe fresh and light perfect for the beach. Summer ingredients, raw and nutrients that don’t weigh.   Ingredients ♥ wholemeal bread ♥ 1 tomato ♥ 1/2 avocado […]

Spicy cous cous with tomato sauce, chickpeas and potatoes

A cous cous that reminds the flavors and aromas of Middle Eastern cuisine.   Ingredients for 4 people 250 g cous cous 250 g water 6 carrots 4 potatoes 1 celery 220 g chickpeas 1 onion 400 g of tomato sauce 4 fresh basil leaves turmeric curry sea ​​salt extra virgin olive oil   Proceedings […]

Japanese ravioli Gyoza

They are good for a themed dinner, but also as a main dish for lunch or dinner with friends, even in the version of finger food placed in the bowls. These Japanese ravioli are delicious!   Ingredients for 24 ravioli 250 g flour type 2 About 150 g warm water 2 leeks 2 cloves garlic […]

Risotto with borage

Spring brings with it lots of wild herbs, used for years and years as a cleansing from winter. Taking a trip out of town you can choose to go and seize fields, but fortunately also in cities you can buy wild herbs, although in very few places. I in Rome, the city where I live, […]