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Light, easy to prepare and very tasty. I cook these vegan pancakes very often for breakfast because they give me the right energy while not weighing me down, I really recommend trying them! Also ideal for those who have intolerances being milk-free and without eggs. They are also sugar-free in the dough, sweeten thanks to […]

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Winter elisir

Even me who am an avid runner slow juices of fruits and vegetables, I have to admit that it is much easier to drink them and prepare them in the summer when the season offers the most colorful fruits that trigger the imagination. To avoid drinking in winter the usually juice with apple, fennel and carrot, here’s a […]

Slow juicer ice cream with dates and figs

Did you know that with your slow juicer you can prepare delicious natural ice cream? Just freeze the fruit that you like in small pieces and then put it in the slow juicer still frozen: where usually come out waste, this time will come real bundles of ice cream. The addition of a few slices of frozen banana […]

Nice cream

Have you ever heard of the nice cream? Term from (ba)nana ice cream, the nice cream is a real gelato made at home with the slow juicer  or blender, made from frozen fruit with banana that give the cream effect due to its pectin. Really amazing as at home we can produce a delicious ice cream, especially creamy without adding […]

Cacao pastry crostata with strawberry jam and chocolate chips

This cacao pastry is delicious and crumbly while not containing sugar or butter. Of course, crispness taste is good, but we know how difficult is to handle a crumbly dough when it’s laid. To help, my advise is to roll out the dough with a rolling pin on a sheet of parchment paper which then […]

Coconut pudding

Very good as it is or with the addition of some fruit, this coconut pudding is delicious and suitable for different occasions such as after a meal, snack, breakfast… Or even as a cake filling. Ingredients ♥ 200 ml coconut milk ♥ 25 g maize starch ♥ 50 g rice malt ♥ 100 g soy yogurt […]

Light sandwich ideal for the beach, with tomato and avocado

There are those who in the summer would live of sandwiches and fruit. For those who like to take the sandwich on the go then we see a recipe fresh and light perfect for the beach. Summer ingredients, raw and nutrients that don’t weigh.   Ingredients ♥ wholemeal bread ♥ 1 tomato ♥ 1/2 avocado […]


Do you think is possible to have the same taste and texture of the classic pancakes while not using milk or eggs for a lighter version of pancakes? After trying this recipe you won’t have any doubts! Delicious for breakfast: almond milkshake and pancakes to start your day at the very best!   Ingredients ♥ […]

Plumcake with hazelnut paste

You can also change this delicious plumcake by adding some red fruits or blueberries.   Ingredients ♥ 300g wholemeal flour ♥ 200 g rice malt ♥ 100 g hazelnut paste ♥ 300 ml almond milk (if you do it at home, you can not filter it and also use okara in the recipe) ♥ 1 tablespoon […]

Cocoa and strawberries cake

The texture, perfect taste without being too sweet, and the combination with strawberries is awesome. It’s delicious for breakfast and snacks, accompanied by a hot tea or a glass of fresh almond milk.   Ingredients 250 g spelled flour (or wholemeal wheat flour) 200 g brown sugar 50 g unsweetened cocoa powder 1 tablespoon baking […]

Vegan biscuits

Suitable for breakfast, afternoon tea, or even for the times when we need a little bit of sweetness :)   Ingredients 150 g plain flour 2 (semi-integral) 50 g spelled flour (or wheat flour) 50 g of corn foil 100 g syrup dates 50 g rice malt 50 g chopped dates (without stones) 50 g […]

Apple chips

Snack delicious, easy to prepare and light!   Ingredients 4 apples juice of 2 lemons 150 g of rice malt 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger   Proceedings In a bowl, dissolve the malt in the lemon and add the spices stirring. Now wash apples, cut them into round slices of more or […]