Wellness rituals: how to clean the room and environment from stagnant energies + some self care rituals


Taking care of our spaces of daily life and of our person improves our energy level and allows us to live a better life. 

There are rituals and plants that help us do this.

Let’s see first some gestures to prepare the room by cleaning it vigorously and creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

  • Clean the environment with a smudge stick, a stick of herbs (sage is often used), you can learn how to make yours here or buy it ready-made, in this way you will cleanse the room of accumulated energy and prepare it for the ritual;
  • White candle: observing the movement of the flame is a form of meditation, focusing on it, gently letting go of the various thoughts that will come and remaining in the here and now. Essential oils help in meditation and deeply relax. Here you will find natural soy wax candles with essential oils and dried flowers;
  • A ritual to let go of things about us that we no longer want is to write them down on a piece of paper and then burn it by visualizing the new me free from those things.

Some Self care rituals, to take care of us:

  • Dry brushing: with a dry brush, pass over the legs and body from top to bottom to move the lymph and promote circulation;
  • Cold shower for at least 3 minutes, energetically passing your hands on the legs, torso and arms: the ideal would be to take a swim in the cold water as the Northern European tradition teaches, it accelerates the immune system, activates endorphins, accelerates circulation, increases blood libido, it burns calories, reduces stress, in short, it’s great! Seeing is believing, as soon as you step into the shower you will curse yourself for doing it, but once you get out you will feel vital as never before;
  • Gua sha: An ancient Chinese facial massage technique with special jade or quartz stones. it promotes blood flow, reduces swelling and dark circles, tightens the skin, promotes lymphatic drainage, thus making the complexion radiant and relaxing the facial muscles. Rose quartz is a healing crystal that recalls self-love.